Business policy and our value

At PILANA GROUP we place the customer first, grow with our customers by providing the best solutions, consistently a step ahead of market needs.
Our brand is a promise towards the customers.

PILANA GROUP will contribute to value creation in the global community through synergies between our strengths in cutting-edge technologies and our capabilities as an established trading company.
We are promoting the following values: creativity and product innovation, technological innovation, process innovation and material innovation, knowledge economy and international cooperation.

Research and development of technical systems, proposal of advanced manufacturing systems solutions.

PILANA GROUP will support the development and dissemination of the latest technologies to sustainable economic growth.
We aim to be a successful enterprise contributing to social progress through business activities that emphasize value creation through high-tech solutions.
We are committed to open, transparent, and reliable business practices.
As we continue to grow, we will value environmental responsibility and strive to build a prosperous community, contributing as a corporate citizen with passion and pride in our work.
This basic philosophy is the foundation of our corporate vision a vision that defines our future directions and articulates concepts that all our employees should share and emulate.

PILANA GROUP continues to redefine industry standards.

Should you choose innovation or reliability?
Efficiency or performance?
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