The foundations of PILANA were laid in 1934 when Mr. Studeník established PILANA in Hulín (Czech Republic) – to “manufacture wood cutting and other tools for woodworking“.
This tireless inventor/entrepreneur never came across an obstacle he couldn’t overcome.
During sixties and seventies the company started exporting to other markets in Europe.
With increasing demand Pilana began to expands its product portfolio and to streamline and upgrade the production process.
During nineties we expanded our business worldwide.
Market growth caused that Pilana was divided into divisions so that each division could provide a higher level of specialization.
In 2008, Mesna Bruk – a Norwegian producer of industrial knives and one of the competitors of PILANA Knives announced bankruptcy.
PILANA took over the former factory and at the same time implemented some of the most advanced technologies into production process in Hulin.
In 2011 Pilana Knives updated its graphical representation and changed the former logo with a snake into a new modern style.
New logo represents our most successful product – an image of a three-knife drum chipper.
In 2015 a new company PILANA GROUP was created, representing a group of companies trading under PILANA Brand.